It all began with the delivery of a flimsy desktop protector in the highest quality cardboard box I’d received in recent years. “I can do something with this!”, was my exclamation. An artist friend of mine, who was in the room with me at the time, was skeptical that cardboard was anything other than utilitarian. I took it as a challenge.

Deciding on a dollhouse for my granddaughter, I began searching Pinterest for inspiration. My inner child is about 6 yrs old, so my heart and soul began to resonate with all things miniature! I had, in previous years, attempted a couple of tiny projects with frustration as the end result. Thankfully my resolve to prove that cardboard was a legitimate base upon which to create something artistic catapulted me forward, transcending any memories of past failure. I’m grateful. This is really fun and I am succeeding at something I didn’t even know I could do!

Learning as I go, there are some things I will improve on in future creations. My budget is pretty much limited to what I can find around the house. If I add in the cost of more craft paint and a big bottle of glue, some craft sticks, glue sticks, and brushes, I will have spent about $20.

I’ve been working on this for about 3 weeks. These initial pictures are what I accomplished the first couple of days. As blogging is not high on my list of skills, just trying to share this fun project may take awhile. But I think it’s worth sharing because it’s something that has really brightened these challenging days of caution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’ll share a little more each day or so in hopes that you are inspired to create something or share the idea with someone:) Cheers!

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